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Critical Bank and Airline Sites Disrupted in Global Internet Outage

The news site Yahoo! News reports that the second global internet outage in a matter of weeks disrupted operations across multiple governments, banks and airlines including Southwest Airlines Co., Delta Air Lines Inc., Vanguard, Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd., and the Reserve Bank of Australia. The latter was forced to cancel a scheduled bond-buying operation. Some of these outages were traced to a breakdown at client web management service Akamai Technologies Inc.

Earlier in June, another global internet outage triggered by a software malfunction at content delivery platform Fastly Inc. resulted in widespread, cascading failures across major websites such as Amazon.com Inc., Shopify Inc. and Stripe Inc. These incidents serve as a clear reminder that even the world’s biggest and most secure websites are incredibly vulnerable to simple technological glitches that can cause devastating disruptions. 

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