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EP 01 - Thomas Krapf - co-founder and CEO Riskwolf - Calibrate, Configure, and Customize

The Wolfcast was honored to be joined by Thomas Krapf a co-founder and the CEO of Riskwolf.  Riskwolf deems that the future of insurance is parametric and real-time, data-driven. With the ongoing digital transformation in the global economy, the importance of having uninterrupted connectivity is becoming more critical. Riskwolf enables insurers to create simple, reliable products quickly to close the protection gap for the digital economy.

Some of the topics that Thomas and I discussed:

  • The continuing growth of the platform economy and its emerging digital risks
  • The state of the insurance industry today and its preparedness for insuring the digital economy
  • What are the necessary tools to close this digital economy protection gap?
  • Who will insure these risks and from where will the capacity come?
  • How will existing, traditional lines of insurance change as parametric policies become more prevalent
  • What risks emerge as more and more devices (IoT) become connected to each other and the internet?
  • How does parametric insurance make the entire experience more simple, reliable, and fast?