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EP 05 - Florian Graillot and Jan Kastory - astoryaVC - We’ve Been Navigating the European InsurTech Scene Since Inception

The Wolfcast really enjoyed talking to Florian Graillot and Jan Kastory the co-founders of astoryaVC.  astorya invests in tech startups that are building the next insurance generation. If venture capitalists believe that the most important aspect of any startup is the team, then we have to believe the same thing about the VCs themselves.  Florian and Jan have assembled an incredible team that has a lot of unfair advantages when it comes to investing in InsurTech in Europe.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • It is hard to invest in Europe if you are in London
  • astorya is the most geographically diverse VC in the InsurTech space
  • The challenges of being a multi-local player
  • The benefits of being an InsurTech focused fund and how founders love working with astoryaVC
  • Riskwolf and what the team is building
  • A data-driven approach to investing and why some startups thrive while others die
  • The third wave of InsurTechs is unbundling the whole value chain
  • Automated startup scouting technology