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EP 22 - Manoj Gopalkrishnan - Algorithmic Biologics - An Egg Versus a Scrambled Egg Are Completely Different Things

The Wolfcast was joined by Manoj Gopalkrishnan, a self-declared molecule whisperer and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Algorithmic Biologics.  Algorithmic Biologics is increasing efficiencies in reading molecular information using its patented software, Tapestry. 

Some of the topics Manoj discussed included:

  • The difference between living and non-living systems
  • DNA and the instructions it contains for cell behavior
  • Three particularly noteworthy dates in the development of biotechnology
  • The coming together of mechanical engineering and chemistry
  • James Clerk Maxwell’s Demon - You won’t click the link, but you really should
  • In the long-term, we should be trying to build systems as sophisticated as cells 
  • Building a universal molecule assembler
  • Laying his bets on a bottom-up approach
  • Some Algorithmic Biologics products that are already in the market

Some other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. A Cell Is a Bag of Molecules
  2. We Draw This Line Between Living and non-Living Systems
  3. How Does a Seed Grow Into a Tree?
  4. We Are Asking Questions of Soup
  5. I Believe It Will Be a Long Journey
  6. Whenever Computer Science Gets Involved, You Start to See Exponentials
  7. I Take Inspiration from Biology
  8. It’s Way Beyond What Birds Can Do