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EP 24 - Gene Yu - Founder and CEO at BlackPanda - If You Have a Computer, You Are a Target

The Wolfcast enjoyed our conversation with Gene Yu, the Founder and CEO of BlackPanda.  BlackPanda’s origin story alone is inspiring and the rest of our conversation with Gene was amazing as well.

Some of the topics we covered included:

  • Getting into the United States Military Academy at West Point and studying Computer Science
  • Going to war in the Army Special Forces for almost a decade after graduation
  • His career prior to starting BlackPanda
  • Being Asia’s first cybersecurity InsurTech underwriter
  • Cybersecurity risk and disintermediation scale well as there are no proximity limitations
  • Gaming and crypto being one of the highest risk sectors
  • The importance of data and data analysis
  • Pricing cyber risk and calculating payouts
  • Measuring data in real-time
  • Infinite possibilities lead to infinite risks
  • Insurance in the metaverse and the future of cybersecurity

Some other titles we considered:

  1. We’re Basically Cyber-Firefighting
  2. I See Security Differently
  3. Cybersecurity is NOT an IT Problem, It Is a Security Problem
  4. Security Advice Is Very Subjective
  5. It’s a Different Terrain, but the Same Bad Guy
  6. Everybody Is at Risk

The audio on this episode was expertly produced by Isabelle Goh.