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EP 27 - Frederic Stallaert - co-Founder at Paperbox.ai - Disruption Leads to Interruption

The Wolfcast was joined by Frederic Stallaert, a co-Founder of Paperbox.ai. Paperbox employs artificial intelligence to automate the processing of emails and documents from physical and digital mailboxes.

Some of the topics that Frederic covered:

  • His passion for AI
  • Writing a Master’s thesis on Machine Learning
  • Risk taking in general
  • Building Paperbox.ai
  • The importance of partnerships
  • Making technology accessible and affordable to create more impact
  • Branding and marketing saliency
  • Paperbox’s vision for the future

Some of the other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. The Unicorn Capital of Belgium
  2. How Software Does Cognitive Learning
  3. If That Is What Working Looks Like, That Is What I Want to Do
  4. Values and Passion
  5. We Are Technologists by Nature
  6. Accessibility Leads to Impact