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EP 28 - Struan Todd - co-Founder Pandamatics - Every Business Is Bound to Have a Cyber Attack

Another episode, another panda…The Wolfcast was joined by Struan Todd, a co-Founder of Pandamatics.  Pandamatics is Asia’s first and only pure cyber insurance coverholder.

Some of the topics that Struan discussed:

  • Getting into the risk insurance market and learning from Lloyds in London
  • Exploring the world and getting a wider world-view because of his career in insurance
  • Becoming an accidental entrepreneur
  • How hybrid working improves the working environment
  • The challenges of building algorithmic risk assessment
  • The extent to which COVID raised the demand and awareness for cybersecurity and its insurance

Other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. Attacking From Completely Covert Situations
  2. Driving the Overall Standard
  3. The Cyber Risk Is There
  4. Why Not Take the Risk?
  5. Expecting Someone to Come and Pick Up the Bill

This episode was produced by Isabelle Goh.