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EP 30 - Dan Draper - CEO and Founder of CipherStash - Simple Protections Don’t Do the Job Anymore

The Wolfcast learned a lot from its discussion with Dan Draper, the Founder and CEO of CipherStash.  CipherStash uses a searchable encryption scheme that enables data to be searchable even while it remains encrypted.  This gives data high-level protection without compromising usability.

Some of the topics that Dan covered:

  • What he learned while working for the Australian government
  • Learning how to code on a BBC Micro
  • Working for a startup in New York
  • The increased scope of security attacks
  • The necessity to improve cybersecurity awareness
  • IBM’s report on The Cost of a Data Breach
  • An analogy to F1 racing
  • Separating access to the infrastructure from access to the data

Other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. The Good Guys Are Doing That to Simulate What the Bad Guys are Doing
  2. Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting
  3. If Only It Was That Simple
  4. Now Our Interests Are Actually Aligned
  5. The Most Vulnerable Part of the System Is the Human

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