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EP 21 - Emine Gökce Phillips, PhD - co-Founder and CEO at CryptoIndexSeries - We Don't Need Banks

The Wolfcast quite enjoyed having Emine Gökce Phillips, Ph.D. on the show.  Gökce is the CEO and co-Founder of CryptoIndexSeries, which provides data, analytics, and trading tools for the global crypto and digital asset markets.

Some of the topics Gökce covered:

  • Having many places to call home
  • Moving from a typical corporate job into crypto
  • One of her relatives selling his apartment and investing in crypto
  • The significance of PayPal facilitating payments via crypto in October 2020
  • Institutional requirements to invest in crypto and building a suite of tools to enable that
  • How decentralization creates accessibility
  • The creation of new economic models like GameFi in the metaverse
  • Institutional asset managers expect to increase crypto allocations 
  • Will existing payment gateways be useful or even necessary?

Some of the other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. When We Became Parents We Became Entrepreneurs
  2. Anyone Can Retrieve Data from a Crypto Exchange
  3. What Happened In October 2020?