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Comcast outage! Fibre optical cables got cut again after Hurricane Ian cleanup

The large and destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane Ian caused massive impacts on critical infrastructure and Internet connectivity.

Not only during the event telecommunications and the Internet was impacted, also during the restoration phase issues occurred.

“We just suffered a significant fiber cut to one of the new fiber lines we had put in place following the storm that allowed us to restore services in a number of areas” - Comcast’s Vice President of Public Relations Mindy Kramer

New fiber optical lines got cut again by power company crews as well as debris removal trucks.

Comcast customers in Sarasota and Manatee counties experienced a service outage late Thursday afternoon due to a newly placed fiber optic line being cut during Hurricane Ian cleanup.

The issue was fixed within 3 hours and where usual reparations take hours up to one day to fully restore.

Networks are unpredictable for known and unknown reasons. Weather, cable cuts, unplanned maintenance or human errors can all lead to lengthy and costly (monetary & reputation) consequences.

As ISPs & Telcos, you take pride in the quality of your network and customer service. But events outside of your control or plain bad luck can directly impact the way you are perceived by customers and the market and can lead to frustration, termination of subscriptions, and reputation damage.

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