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EP 31 - Nikolaus Sühr - CEO & Co-Founder at KASKO - If Your Technology Is Great but It Does Not Enable Growth, What’s the Point?

The Wolfcast spent some high-quality talking with Nikolaus Sühr, the CEO & Co-Founder at KASKO.  KASKO offers an API-powered agile insurance product and distribution platform that operates between digital customer touchpoints and legacy IT systems.

Some of the topics Nikolaus discussed:

  • Remote working and distributed teams
  • Enabling different channels of communication depending on the urgency
  • The focus on providing growth to one’s stakeholders
  • The beauty of insurance and how it does not necessarily need to be disrupted
  • The difference between input and output-oriented
  • The three mental notes hidden in the word Enkelfähig

Some other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. I’m Trying but I’m Also Preaching Water and Drinking Wine
  2. If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It
  3. A Gate to Move Things Along
  4. Enabling More People to Be More Efficient
  5. Value Creation and Long-Term Thinking

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