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EP 05 - Florian Graillot and Jan Kastory - astoryaVC - We’ve Been Navigating the European InsurTech Scene Since Inception

The Wolfcast really enjoyed talking to Florian Graillot and Jan Kastory the co-founders of astoryaVC.
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EP 04 - Eric Forgy - Founder CavalRe - I See a Future Where Almost Everything Is Parametric

The Wolfcast spoke to Dr. Eric Forgy, the Founder of CavalRe, a B2B cloud-native reinsurance technology and capital management solution provider offering insurance balance sheet intelligence.
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EP 03 - Mark Duff - Director Aberthau Consulting - You're Actually Buying a Bespoke Suit

The Wolfcast had a fascinating conversation with Mark Duff, a Director of Aberthau Consulting and a man whose perspective on the ‘London Market’ is unparalleled.
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EP 02 - Suvendu Pradhan - Koala Insurance - Director of Insurance Products - I Am a True Believer in the Concept of Para-Indemnity

Wolfcast had a blast talking to Suvendu Pradhan, the Director of Insurance Products at Koala Insurance.
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EP 01 - Thomas Krapf - co-founder and CEO Riskwolf - Calibrate, Configure, and Customize

The Wolfcast was honored to be joined by Thomas Krapf a co-founder and the CEO of Riskwolf.